NLE Choppa insists he’s not a ‘spiritual fake’

NLE Choppa defended his spirituality on Wednesday, September 21.

After making headlines for a breakup, NLE Choppa has addressed critics who claim he is “fake spiritual“. The 19-year-old rapper explained what spirituality meant to him in a Twitter Publish.

“People say I’m a spiritual faker, let me tell you something,” he wrote. “Spirituality isn’t about crystals, being super nice all the time, and completely disconnecting from reality. It’s actually about AWAKENING to find your PURPOSE. Then you go on that spiritual JOURNEY to REALIZE IT!”

NLE Choppa made the comment days after ex-girlfriend Marissa Da’Nae mourned their breakup on social media. He previously spoke out on the cover of their split and tried to clarify why the relationship ended.

“I broke up with my last partner not because I couldn’t ‘cheat in peace,'” he wrote on Twitter. “Also not because ‘my polygamous views’ but if that’s what you got out of a 30 minute explainer video I’ll let y’all run with it but if you want the real reason I’ll drop it the link again. Thanks.”

NLE Choppa added: “I had to leave this there now, I’m sorry I dragged this out for so long, I’m done this time. But stop paying blogs to promote something that isn’t true. Promoting the real reason I left. Imma keep dropping the link. I refuse to have false stories about my name!

Watch NLE Choppa’s explanation below.


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