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Posted on: 01/09/2022

Midland Memorial Hospital is delighted to announce the neonatal partnership with Pediatrix Medical Group, Covenant Children’s Hospital and Cook Children’s Health Care System.

“The Alignment of Quality Healthcare Organizations combines MMH’s compassionate care and service with the experience, specialist expertise and dedicated physicians to care for our smallest patients,” said Stephen Bowerman, President. from Midland Health. “We see this as a key step in taking neonatal care to the next level for greater Midland.

“We are delighted that this venture allows us to extend our valued partnership with Cook Children’s and renew our partnership with Covenant Children’s,” said Mike Dwyer, MD, Market President for Pediatrix Medical Group. “For more than 20 years, we have collaborated to provide the highest quality neonatal care to the most vulnerable infants in West Texas. We look forward to expanding these services in Midland to ensure that families of critically ill and premature babies have access to the specialist care they need.

The collaboration allows the community to maintain full confidence in the quality of care for all infants requiring NICU services at Midland Memorial Hospital and improves access to a higher level of care should the need arise. feel.

“Since 2018, Covenant Children’s and Cook Children’s have worked together to provide the highest quality care to families in West Texas,” said Rick W. Merrill, President and CEO of Cook Children’s Health Care System. “We are pleased that our unique partnership, which is built on the desire to improve the health of children, has been so successful and that we are able to expand it to meet Midland Memorial’s neonatal service needs.

“The partnership between Cook Children’s and Covenant Children’s has benefited our patients by providing exceptional cardiovascular and neurological care,” said Amy Thompson, MD, CEO of Covenant Children. Midland Memorial Hospital will provide the highest level of NICU services to families throughout West Texas, while keeping them close to home. We are proud to see hospitals across the state come together to provide the best health care services to children in Texas.

The partnership will begin on September 3, 2022. Our patients and their families will not see an interruption of care.

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