Missionary GU Pope’s translation of ‘Thirukkural’ has de-spiritualized the great spiritual epic of Thiruvalluvar: TN Guv

Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi is the first to speak the truth lately. He said that the British commissioned the East India Company to evangelize Bharat and that missionaries like GU Pope presented a despiritualized version of Thirukkural. After unveiling the statue of poet Thiruvalluvar at the Delhi Tamil Education Association Senior Secondary School on July 25, he said, “Thirukkural is not just a code of ethics and morality, but an epic book containing the wisdom of eternal spirituality. The term ‘Aadhi Bhagavan’ is found in all religious texts including the Rig Veda and it is far from ‘Primal Deity’ as translated by GU Pope”.

The governor said that the great sage Thiruvalluvar is one of the brightest suns in the galaxy of ancient sages. The ‘Aadhi Bhagavan’ quoted in the first verse of Thirukkural is found in all Indian languages. The concept of ‘Aadhi Bhagavan’ is also in the Rig Veda. It is at the heart of Indian spirituality. It is a far cry from the ‘Primal Deity’ as translated by colonial apologists”.

A statement by Raj Bhavan said “Tamil language and its literature has yielded profound and timeless works such as Tholkappiam, Silapathikaram, Manimekalai, Purananooru and many more”. He said and narrated how the author of Tholkappiam who wrote the great book introduced him to Atankot Acharya who was a great scholar in the four Vedas. Governor Ravi said, “Tamil Siddhar Tirumoolar’s Thirumanthiram, written 3,000 years before the common era, tells all about spirituality and yoga.” He called on young people and scholars to avoid the colonial interpretation of these priceless books and to have a moving reading of these scriptures to experience their true essence. He accused the British of trying to destroy India’s great spirituality by distorting Indian history and culture and colonizing people’s minds.

While speaking at the ‘Palace of the Poor’ centenary celebrations outside the Ramakrisha Mission student building on the 27th, he said that “the backbone of Bharat is Sanatana dharma and this must be up for the global ascension of Bharat. Some vested interests have created the impression that secularism, as defined in the constitution, has nothing to do with Dharma. It is a malicious and distorted interpretation… Dharma is encompassing and inclusive”.

As expected, all the underlings of the Dravidian parties started accusing him of following the RSS agenda. TN IT Minister Mano Thangaraj said in a tweet: “GU Pope’s contributions to Tamil literature are immense. The Governor’s speech that Thirukkural has not exposed his ideology shows his frustration and the comments of those people following Varnashrama Dharma are a challenge to the entire Tamil society and tradition.

TNCC Chief Azhagiri said that “Canadian-born GU Pope lived for 40 years in India and translated great Tamil works including Tirukkural, Tiruvasakam, Naladiyar, etc. into English”.

This is not the first time, earlier also TN Governor Ravi has debunked the much-vaunted Aryan theory. On July 10, he said that “the country is being systematically ‘ruined’ by the British who have tried to divide people along many imaginary lines. Addressing a gathering of INA (Indian National Army) veterans, ex-servicemen and their families in Vellore, he said that before the British occupation of India, people could move freely in all parts of the country for education, commerce, pilgrimage and settlement. .

He said that “the geographical regions, north and south of the Vindhya Range, known as ‘Panch Aryas’ and ‘Panch Dravidas’ respectively, have been misrepresented to create racial division among the people in order to ‘weaken the unity of the country’. He said that the British were the first to use the word Dravidar’.

In another function, the 54th annual convocation of Madurai Kamaraj University, the governor said that the British had decided to maintain their empire, to weaken the unity of India and to destroy its economy, because India was a highly evolved civilization and economy, and it was recorded. by the Europeans themselves. After realizing, he said, “it is not possible to replicate their North American experiment of killing the native population through slaughter and spreading disease in Bharat, because it s was a highly evolved civilization and economy, the British decided to weaken the unity of the country and infuse an inferiority complex in the natives”

The governor asserted that “the British learned shipproofing from the Cholas, and India was a great sea power and acquired other technical know-how; also killed native industry and the native education system and introduced their method of rote learning so that people could serve as servants of their business”. When the “fire of freedom” started in the country, they created literature about Aryans and Dravidians as races, when it was only a geographical distinction, he said. declared. He urged people not to get carried away with such literature, and instead go to the archives and educate themselves on these matters.”

Lok Sabha MP TR Baalu ​​took issue with his comments that the British created a ‘false history’ and even before they arrived in the 1600s the term existed. He, in a long rebuttal, accused him of suppressing historical facts and if he reads the literature of the Vedic period he will realize who the creators of these divisions are”. He asked the governor to respect the oath taken during the swearing-in and to refrain from expressing controversial opinions. Reacting to the governor’s remarks, VCK leader Thol Thirumavalavan said that Dravidian is not an ethnicity derived from people speaking a language but an anthropological fact based on inherited genes”. He said “Governor Ravi continually proves every day that he is a product of RSS.”

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