‘Mindful in 5’ can help busy Americans fight the anxiety epidemic

Spiwe Jefferson, CMP, JD, had a revelation while writing “Mindful in 5”, his first book in the series. Millions of adult Americans are stressed. Anxiety disorders are now the most common mental health problem in the United States. ?

“We have collectively experienced unprecedented stressors including the global pandemic, war and deteriorating weather conditions. In the explosion of fear, stress, and loneliness, many people are looking for healthy, cost-effective solutions that will help them survive and thrive in a complex, interconnected world,” says Jefferson.

Captivating, relatable characters, insightful stories, and diary reflections guide those who desire a better life to be constantly present and achieve inner peace even during difficult times, starting with just five minutes a day.

In his own quest to achieve the benefits of mindfulness, most of the books Jefferson found offered an abstract exploration of the subject. She wrote “Mindful in 5: Meditations for People with No Time” (published by Archway Publishing) as a step-by-step example-based roadmap that helps readers translate mindfulness meditation concepts into action that will help reduce stress, build optimism and improve overall well-being.

Based on scientifically proven techniques, ** “Mindful in 5” uses three distinct “seasons” – Dawn, Day and Dark – that meet readers where they are. They can progress through deep reflection, emerging into reframed perspectives.

When asked what she wanted readers to take away from the book, Jefferson replied, “Mindfulness meditation won’t solve your problems. But with consistent practice, anyone can master it to improve their general outlook and overall quality of life. Set your intention to live and work for your highest and best purpose, starting with just five minutes a day. For more details of the book, please visit https://www.archwaypublishing.com/en/bookstore/bookdetails/836681-mindful-in-5


**Jefferson draws on a myriad of scientific research and studies to compile the mindfulness meditation tips in this book.

“Mindful in 5: Meditations for Timeless People”

By Spiwe Jefferson, CMP, JD

Hardcover | 6×9 inches | 236 pages | ISBN 9781665720526

Soft cover | 6×9 inches | 236 pages | ISBN 9781665720540

E-book | 236 pages | ISBN 9781665720533

Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Spiwe Jefferson, CMP, JD is an attorney, certified mindfulness practitioner, and lifelong student of mindfulness meditation. In 2008, he suffered a tragedy that launched his own journey into the wilderness and sparked many life lessons that brought him triumphs. “Mindful in 5” is the first book in a planned series. Accompanying journal coming soon.

Simon & Schuster, a company with nearly ninety years of publishing experience, has partnered with Author Solutions, LLC, the world leader in self-publishing, to create Archway Publishing. With unique resources to support books of all kinds, Archway Publishing offers a specialized approach to help every author reach their desired audience. For more information, visit archwaypublishing.com or call 844-669-3957.

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