Journaling helped Elizabeth Heller overcome childhood trauma. His company seeks to give young people the same life raft | Company

PITTSFIELD — When Elizabeth Heller was a child in California, she turned to journaling to deal with abuse and trauma. “I had a very difficult upbringing,” she said. “I took a pen and wrote about the ballet. It was such a powerful experience because it was the first time I felt connected to my feelings outside of me and inside. of me.”

Now, says Heller, “journaling has saved my life.”

A new venture backed by non-profit group Entrepreneurship for All Berkshire County is looking to bring the same benefit to children.

Heller self-published “Kids Super Journal”. She describes it as a “mindfulness-based activity book” for ages 7-12. The book combines breathing, body movement, and journaling exercises.

“Those three things have been shown by science to have huge consequences,” she said. “I wanted the journal to be a self-directed tool for kids so they could be their best.”

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Elizabeth Heller of Pittsfield self-published “Kids Super Journal”, a book with techniques designed to help children with their emotional health.

Mindfulness, a term associated with meditation, is not an easy concept for children. Heller says she takes the concept to a child’s level by making the concepts in her book “simple and fun.”

“Breath work, for example, there’s deep breaths, abdominal breaths, where kids put a beanbag or a favorite thing on their lower abdomen and breathe in and bring it up,” she said. “They’re just enjoying the fun of doing the activity.”

A certified children’s yoga teacher, Heller said she used breathing, movement and journaling as techniques while teaching the practice to children in Boston, where she lived before moving to Pittsfield last fall. She lost her job two years ago due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Heller was looking for a way to continue her work when she came up with the idea that became “Kids Super Journal”.

Through her business, Pig and Whale LLC, she started with a podcast. Heller holds a master’s degree in broadcast journalism from Boston University.

After moving to Pittsfield last October, Heller refined her idea for “Kids Super Journal” while a member of a course run by Entrepreneurship for All Berkshire County, which helps entrepreneurs develop business plans.

Heller received $3,500 from EforAll — the top award given to a member of her class when she graduated in June — for “Kids Super Journal.” This funding, along with the additional $4,917 Heller raised through a Kickstarter campaign, enabled him to fund the first printing of his book at Studley Press in Dalton.

“It’s so wonderful to have this support,” Heller said.

The book will soon be available for purchase at

Heller credits EforAll’s 12-week program as the purpose and direction of his project.

“EforAll has been completely transformational in terms of running my business and connecting with the Berkshire community and the Pittsfield community,” she said. “I had three mentors who were absolutely spectacular.”

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