Four week custom order lead time, service focused Flexsteel

DUBUQUE, Iowa, June 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Flexsteel continues to implement key strategies that support reduced lead times for custom orders and better meet market demands.

Thanks to the company’s investment in production capacity and inventory, the no-holds-barred approach to reducing the backlog has resulted in a 4-week lead time for their customers. “This is the lowest average time in any area in my 25 years with the company,” comments Tim Newlin, vice president of product at Flexsteel. Another strategic initiative by Flexsteel provided a distribution center for Pennsylvaniaserving the North East markets to satisfy the need for faster delivery.

The company also recognizes the value of special orders in today’s environment. Special orders come in and go out, unlike stocked products that require warehouse space. In an effort to sell more personalized products, Flexsteel has invested in digital capabilities such as draping and augmented reality. The user can first digitally cover the product in the fabric selection of their choice and then use their mobile device to view it at home. Buyer’s remorse is reduced and it adds an element of fun to the process. This quickly became one of the most popular features of the website.

Thanks to the rapid success of the investment strategy and the reduction in delivery times, Flexsteel recorded further growth in all product categories, but especially in its South Haven collection. This curated collection of fabrics from hundreds of Flexsteel items with simplified pricing has long been a hit with retailers and consumers alike. As special orders returned with declining lead times, this led to new and existing products being added to the collection. This included motion groups, recliners, stationary groups, accent chairs, ottomans and a new selection of fabrics launched at April 2022 High Point market.

“Our delivery times on domestically manufactured Flexsteel products continue to improve as we invest in our growth and expand our manufacturing capacity in North America. This has led us to double our already popular South Haven and our retailers responded immediately with new placements, reclaiming existing frames and adding new categories. It was great to see the excitement around these changes.” said David CriminalsVice President of Sales at Flexsteel.

With today’s supply chain challenges occurring around the world, Flexsteel is a leading expert in manufacturing comfortable, well-fitting furniture in Mexico. The company is increasingly present in Juarez which was established in 2006. Juarez has grown from its original factory over the past two years to include a second and third facility nearby. These expansions have facilitated the growth of all product categories and a reduction in the delivery times already mentioned.

Continuing the momentum of a customer-centric vision, Flexsteel engaged its retailers with in-person, phone, virtual and written engagements on what works and, most importantly, what needs improvement. David Criminals commented on the result: “Over the past few months, our retailers have participated in customer voice feedback. In total, we have conducted over 600 live interviews and 500 surveys. Throughout this process, we have implemented the insights we gathered for improvement where possible for our retail partners.” As a result, the company has already updated its Backroom customer portal. These updates included new communication and visibility into order status, track and trace capabilities, and price list updates to improve retailers and ultimately the consumer experience.

With great dedication, Flexsteel intends to continue to focus on retailer transparency regarding customer orders and delivering to the consumer exactly what they want within a reasonable time frame. All of this leads to a happy customer and a happy retailer. It’s a win-win!

SOURCE Flexsteel Industries, Inc.

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