Recognizing, Acceptation, Investigation, Non-Identification

Within the Vipassana Meditation or also Insight Meditation it is possible to apply the mnemonic RAIN.

RAIN stands for Recognition, Acceptation, Investigation and Non-Identification. You can apply this as follows during meditation:


At the start of the meditation you have the intention to stay with your meditation object. Often the breathing as you can observe it in the abdomen. However, it is natural that you are distracted at a given moment (sooner or later). We are noticing the moment we have this in mind. That you are distracted is not bad and it is nice if you notice it. From that moment on you can look from the role of the viewer at what you are distracted.


As soon as you notice that you are distracted, it is the art to accept that you are distracted + that you fully accept what you are derived from.


If you notice that you are distracted, you can investigate this. How do you relate to what you are distracted from? Are there any judgments that you can let go of? Is it a much recurring something (pattern) that makes me distracted? Etc. If you have not meditated for a long time, this analysis can still be a rational analysis, but the intention is to analyze this intuitively. If you are skilled you can do this intuitively in three phases:

  1. What thoughts do I have? Look at this from the role of the spectator, do not go any further with it. So do not make a thought, even if you want it so badly.
  2. What kind of state of mind do I have here. Pleasant, unpleasant or neutral.
  3. What can I observe in my body (and note that nothing is fixed)

In this phase you make a shift from concept to direct perception. You are completely in the role of the spectator. And instead of naming concepts and intuitively analyzing, you go on to pure perception. In this way you dismantle the mind object and as soon as it becomes less strong and disappears into the background, you turn the full attention back to your anchor. Your meditation object.

From consciously competent to unconsciously skilled

In the beginning this will be an ‘analytical’ process. In the long run you will go through this process ‘automatically’. You are observant during / after being distracted by a Medium or Large visitor and the rest unfolds without an IK being involved. You do well to apply RAIN in a ‘playful way’. You do not have to go through exactly these steps every time. Sometimes it is sufficient to be attentive and to let go, the other time it takes some time to go through the whole process.

As with everything we learn new: You go from unconsciously incompetent to consciously competent . It then becomes part of your system.

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