Let the silence speak


Get out of the roller coaster
Many people are constantly in mind, are reactive and are lived.
Continuously working from A to B.
If I do not take care, this happens to me too. In fact, this happens every day.

That is why the moments of silence are so important.
In the silence your consciousness can speak. You step out of the roller coaster.
It is therefore sensible to schedule a moment every day to ‘come to yourself’.

Take for example half an hour a day of which you take 20 minutes to meditate and also about 10 minutes for reflection (but more is obviously better :).
You hereby create the possibility to let go of the identification with what you are doing and it gives you the space to take a breath again and look from above.

Do a retreat to completely distance yourself

Personally, I believe that, apart from the silence moments every day, it is important to really distance yourself for a longer period of time. If you take a half hour distance, to what extent do you really renounce your conditioning, to what extent can you really let go of the identification?
Is it not the case that we then open the door of the roller coaster again and take a seat again? Although it takes a while before the roller coaster really gets going, and the chance is small that because you get out of it every time the roller coaster will start at full speed, yet the roller coaster continues on the same rails.

I therefore recommend going to retreat at least once a year. Even if it is only for 3 days. You do not just step off the roller coaster, but you also leave the amusement park. The longer the better, of course, because go to yourself for what you do not identify yourself all?
Just a list that I regularly identify with:
– I am Dutch
– I am a swollen person
– I am a partner
– I own my business
– I am…

And go check for yourself how many labels are stuck everywhere, how reactive you are and how much you are stuck in concepts !?
Chances are that this livestock is more than you think.

For me personally a retreat helps me to distance myself from this.
Let go of and get rid of identifications, concepts and judgments.

Let the silence speak

It often happens to me that I make other choices after a retreat. That, because I have left the amusement park, I suddenly see that the roller coaster is not good for me. Or, that I do not like the roller coaster anymore.

Often these choices do not come from reason. Otherwise they would have been born while I was busy thinking about the roller coaster.
No, these thoughts automatically come to mind. There is no ‘I’, no Gerjan, as it were.
It is an intuitive knowing.

Sometimes the choices are nil (but essential and important!) And sometimes great. For example, during a retreat, I decided several years ago to leave a company that I had owned for more than 6 years. Many (especially fellow entrepreneurs) declared me crazy. Logically, seen from their conditioned thought patterns. People told me “That’s stupid, is not it? You have built something up in six years and you have to start over again “.
Of course they were 100% right from their perspective. But I realized after the retreat that this was an unholy attachment.

I stepped out of the gate of the temple in Thailand, and I did not know what would happen if I stopped. What I had to do. But I knew I had to stop.

Now a few years later this turned out to have been one of my ‘best’ decisions in my life. Of course best in quotes, because that is of course a label. But I am grateful for how it went.

If you seek silence, it will start talking. An intuitive knowing is born.

Eckhart Tolle: A strong knowing is born
As Eckhart Tolle told, he stayed in silence for a long time. At a certain moment in him came upstairs that he had to move to another place. It does not describe it as ‘an idea’, but as a ‘strong knowing’. So he went.
When he was there, he had no idea why he was there. Until he sat down at his laptop and wrote down a sentence “The power of the NOW”. And then he knew that he was there to write a book.
But why he had to move to another place, he did not know, until he was back in the place where he lived … He was out of the flow. He lost his sentences on paper. The place was not inspiring enough, or did not give the right energy to write the story. And when he was back at the place where he wrote, the flow came back immediately.

Michael Angelo
Or as Michiel Angelo said, “There is an Angel in the marble, I just cut off the marble.”
The ‘art’ is born in him. He does not think of it. It is self-evident. There is no ‘Michael Angelo’ involved.

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