Healing Garden. Inspiring festival for like-minded people.

“A festival where you can have a fantastic weekend without having participated in one activity”

Last Sunday I was at the Healing Garden festival that took place on the Erkemederstrand in Zeewolde. Together with my girlfriend and 10 month old daughter we drove here, without knowing exactly what to expect from the festival.

From the parking lot we walked over a long path with Asian decoration and wind organs on both sides. In between were banners with inspiring texts to get in the mood.

Upon entering, the tone was immediately set. We were welcomed and before we entered the festival site through the gate, we were quite praised with sage to let negative energy out. While we looked around us in the cloud of smoke, we already got a good impression of the festival. What a color! And I do not just mean the decorations. Especially many people had put themselves in colorful clothes. If you were to take a picture and ask a random person when this picture was taken, the majority would have said around 1969.


At a festival you may not immediately think of rest and relaxation. But outside the tones that came from the DJ tent, there was a very serene, open and cheerful atmosphere. This is of course due to the workshops and activities that could be done there. You had a tent where you could meditate, several tents for massages, psychics, a yoga tent and many more inspiring places with activities. You even had a chill-out tent. That sounds superfluous after the earlier enumeration, but this tent was also very inspiring. The moment I went in there, beautiful music was played to a small audience of less than 10 people who were enjoying themselves on the floor.

But not only the workshops were inspiring. It was such a festival that can be successful without you having participated in one activity. It is the people who make it. Because of the positioning of the festival and the activities that you can do there is a certain audience. I would describe this audience as open and loving. And you can taste that immediately!
You can also easily make contact with other people so that you exchange the best stories and share experiences.

Next year again?

If there is another Healing Garden festival next year, I will go for a whole weekend instead of 1 day. And then I take my friends.

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